(Darwin, a Redfoot Tortoise, meeting a group of children at a recent program)

Have you ever wished that you could offer quality educational programming to your students or some other group of children (or adults) interested in learning about some of the most fascinating animals on the planet?

(Chili, one of the Russian Tortoises living with us, loves Dandelions)

I can come to your school or home or business and bring tortoises from all over the world to you for an exciting, safe, educational, and affordable program tailored to the ages and interests of your audience.

(Deridre, a Hingeback Tortoise, meeting a student during a program)

Before starting my work with tortoises, I was a K-12 public school teacher for 20 years, working in Special Education, and I bring all of those skills and knowledge and experience, along with my lifelong love of teaching and learning to the programs that I provide, teaching people of all ages about tortoises.

(Aretha, a Black Mountain Tortoise, coming over to help redecorate her enclosure)

We can adjust the programming to match your curriculum needs and the ages and abilities of your learners, from a basic 'show and tell' exhibition and comparison to a hard-science discussion of differential anatomy and physiology among and between species from different environments all over the world (and anything in between, or above/below). Simply tell us the desired outcome of our programming, and we'll do everything we can to make that a reality.

(Persephone & Chili, two Russian Tortoises, during a recent presentation)

The basic rate for our programs is $150 for an hour-long presentation. Mileage can be charged for venues not in the Keene, NH area. Longer programs, multiple programs, and special requests will all be considered based on the welfare of our tortoises and how crowded our calendar is during the time in which you're interested. 

(Darwin meeting some students at a presentation)

I'm in this because I like teaching and I like tortoises... if you're strapped but are still interested in having me come and do a program, send me an email and I'm sure we'll be able to work something out.

Address all communication to:

Jamie Sheffield
496 Spofford Road
Westmoreland, NH 03467

Cell: (518) 354-9590